Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am FOREVER playing catch up - so here it goes.

In an effort to finally be caught up on my blogging, I am going to give it one big summary post to cover pretty much the last year.

1. Halloween.

2.  Pine Cove. Brooklynn and I got to go to her 5th Grade Camp together.  We had a wonderful time - for me it was great to get to know some of her adorable friends, She was able to experience so many fun things - zip lining (I was able to do this too), canoeing, riding a horse for the first time ever, and she was able to touch a big beautiful owl.

3. Ice Storm - We had a couple of CRAZY ice storms this winter.  Being from Canada and growing up in Snow and Blizzards had nothing on an ICE storm.  Everything was covered in Ice, the airport shut down and Steve was stuck in Utah for work, while I was stuck at home with the kids.  It was a crazy couple of days, but thankfully I was able to get to the store and stock up before the panic set in and all the shelves were literally empty.

4.  Christmas - For Christmas we were able to head up to Idaho/Utah.  We spent a week with Steve's family and after some crazy coordinating we finally made it to a beautiful Cabin up in Bear Lake.  For the first time in a very long time All the Empey's were together.  It was a great time!  The rest of our time we spent in Utah with the Miller clan.  As usual the highlight was our Traditional UN-Talent show.

5.  Jake's Baptism - Since we were in Utah until the New Year we were lucky enough to attend our Nephew Jake's Baptism.  He is such a cute kid and one of Josh's best friends, so we felt blessed to be there.

6.  Piano Recital - I forgot that before Christmas Ty, Brookie and Josh had their Christmas Piano Recital.  Their teacher held the recital at an assisted living facility.  There was quite the crowd of parents and residents.  The best part was that we told Tyler (who had not be practicing) that if he could play well, then he could quit taking lessons.  Against all odds, he somehow played his song the very best we had heard.

7.  Jackie Robinson - Josh had an assignment to research, dress up as and then give an oral presentation on Jackie Robinson.  He did a great job!

8.  Josh's Baptism - My baby turned 8!  How my tiny little premie grew up so fast I will never know!  We were so Grateful for Nana and Granddad and Grandpa come for the baptism.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are proud of Josh for his decision to be baptized.

9.  Jump Rope - Brooklynn's last year of being on the Jump Rope team was just as fun as the first.  She was amazing and I was so excited to see her jump at every performance.  She worked so hard and loved every minute.  Her Coach - Coach Trimble is a wonderful man , who gives countless hours to teach these kids and arrange all their shows!

10.  Baseball - Josh had a great season of baseball.  He played for the cubs again this year with a great group of boys.

11.  School's out - I am never ready for school to get out, but this year I was and so were my kids! Brooklynn graduated from Elementary School (AAAAHHHH! It's going so fast).  She was blessed with some wonderful teachers and she loved both of them!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


We spend a lot of time at Football.  Between Practices and Games it most certainly adds up, but I would have it any other way!  This year Tyler played football for his Middle School.  Much to my dismay getting great pictures from the stands in the dark is impossible, so I didn't get any great shots of him in action.  Playing in MS was a much different experience, but I think it was good and Ty learned a lot.  I learned that EARLY morning practices are really hard to get up for!  As always, I enjoyed watching my #24 (he didn't get to pick his number) play.  He loves football and there were maybe 2 mornings he complained up getting up for practice!  Nana and Granddad were able to come and see him play in very cold and wet conditions, it is always nice when they come!

Josh played for the same team this year as he did last year - the RAVENS!  With the addition of Steve as an Assistant Coach.  The Ravens had a great Season with only one loss and then Lost in the Semi-Final game.  We were so proud of Josh as he transitioned from Flag to Tackle this year.  He started out playing on the DLINE at Tackle or End and then mid season he moved to Middle Linebacker.  He was a machine and made some great tackles.  I loved not only watching him, but trying to get pictures of him in action.  Here are a few of my favorites.

First Day of School 2013

My kids are growing much too fast!  The first Day of School this year was a good one and I'm grateful for the amazing teachers who these kiddos spend their days with!  

Noah started a couple of weeks after the Big Kids, but he loves his teacher and going to school!  He was so thrilled it was finally his turn!

Summer..... Post 4

On our way back from the Cabin, we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Idaho.  It was wonderful to have one-on-one time with Grandma and Grandpa and to spend a nice evening with our Wayment Cousins.  We don't get to see them very often and when we do most of the rest of the family is usually there. 

Once we arrived back in Utah, Steve flew back home and we spent the next few weeks playing -  a few days swimming, a day at Trafalga with the Empey, Smith and Averett Cousins, and lots of days being lazy.  We went down to the BYU Bookstore which the kids always love, we hit Snoasis and some other great snow cone places and overall had a great time playing and hanging out with our cousins.  I love that we are able to spend an extended period of time in the summer with our Family, it almost sort of makes up for all the time we are far away. 


Kari and Baby Jonah

Jake and Josh

Mike, Ty, Dev and Eli

Noah and Savanna

Josh and Jake

Hannah and Brookie

After we got back to Utah, I took Tyler in, after 10 days, to have his stitches removed.  I was not overly impressed with how his foot had been stitched up in the ER and was a little worried that it wasn't quite ready, but after talking to the DR - she thought it looked good and should be fine and that he would be able to swim etc, no problem.  He was beyond excited to get in the pool.  We put some steri-strips on the wound and off he went.  He had a great time and then in the midst of a Chicken Fight he stepped wrong and it split open again.  Thankfully it was not as deep, but it definitely required some glue or to be restitched.  Off we went to the Urgent Care this time and the Dr there recommended it be restitched because of the location of the cut.  Tyler was crushed - that meant that almost his entire vacation was ruined, no more water/swimming.  He requested a "Do Over".  In my desire to ensure that he still had a great time, I tried to come up with things to do that were not water related.  I think overall we were successful and Ty still enjoyed our trip.  The Highlight was definitely our last major activity - Zip-lining in Provo Canyon.  I'm not sure how many of us went, but we split into 2 groups to make our way down the mountain.  Even with the Minor scare that the Babysitter back at home couldn't find Josh (He had fallen asleep in a pile of laundry on my bed and they couldn't see him), it was SO MUCH FUN.  

All I can say is - I LOVE MY FAMILY!